Congress proposes minimum airline seat standards

A Tennessee congressman on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Subcommittee on Aviation has introduced a bill that establishes minimum dimensions for passenger seats on commercial aircraft operating in the United States.

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United Airlines finally puts children first

United Airlines is changing their boarding to make it more family friendly next Monday. For the first time in years, passengers with small children will be allowed to board prior to most of the other passengers.

What not to ignore when packing for trips

When making packing decisions, consider airline baggage limitations and liability limits, governmental airport security prohibitions and regulations, and travel health needs.

Newsletter – February 7, 2016

A wrap-up of last week’s stories from TravelersUnited and Consumer Traveler. Enjoy the insights and join Travelers United to add your voice to others for better customer service.

Travel sickness infographic

An infographic that describes the best way to help with travel sickness — ways to help those with nausea, dizziness or vomiting when they travel by car, plane or boat.

Unaccompanied minor airline rules, Pickpockets in Europe,

Unaccompanied minors flying: What you need to know Airline unaccompanied minor rules are getting more and more complex and differ from airline to airline. The costs and consequences of these differences are enormous, especially during problems with weather and flight cancellations. Consider the following comparison (all fees based on one-way travel, per child): Alaska: $25; […]