Tell AA and DOT you want a ticket and complete notice of airfare when you fly

Without a ticket, and the information contained on it, a traveler has no way of knowing which provisions of the tariff apply, and thus cannot enforce those terms against the airline. And the airline, of course, has no reason to tell the traveler about information on the ticket that might benefit the traveler in a dispute with the airline.

Southwest adds new routes, JetBlue opens rooftop park, Vegas pedestrian bridge gets upgrade

Southwest unveils a slew of new routes for its winter schedule Southwest Airlines will be adding several new routes for the winter. Some are entirely new routes while others mark the resumption of seasonal routes or the return of routes that Southwest had previously discontinued. The additional routes come as Southwest rolled out its winter […]

8 great places to experience Africa in North America

In a recent post, I listed places in North America to experience Europe, European culture, and European food. What if you want to experience Africa? Are you yearning to see wild animals or experience the culture and cuisine of Africa? If you have not already booked airfares, here are some relatively wallet-friendly destinations in North America that, while not being reasonable […]

DOJ subpoenas airlines, UK decides on Heathrow, free checked bag on Alaska

DOJ subpoenas airlines over keeping ticket prices high The US Department of Justice subpoenaed several major airlines due to the possibility of unlawful collusion. At issue is whether different airlines are coordinating to keep capacity — the number of seats available on planes — stable, having the effect of keeping ticket prices high. How the […]

Celebrity Cruises bundle pricing, FAA approves Houston spaceport, improving the passenger experience

Celebrity Cruises to go mainly with bundle pricing Celebrity Cruises will be rolling out a new pricing structure effective July 6. The new system builds on Celebrity’s 123Go! promotion, which offers a menu of perquisites, such as free gratuities, beverage packages or an onboard spending credit. The pricing structure, to be called Go!Big, Go!Better, Go!Best, […]

Airline code sharing — Whose ticket is it, anyway?

Airlines say code sharing alliances are necessary to offer passengers more routes and services. But air carriers in code share agreements are also granted antitrust exemption by the government, which allows them to keep fares on certain routes higher and limit choices, critics claim.