Airfare terrorism

I can’t stand it. For years the airlines have been clearly engaging in price-fixing, but our government seems to feel that there is nothing wrong with it. The airlines have been clearly engaged in active predatory pricing, but the government doesn’t seem to have an adequate enough definition to prosecute what I see as blatant predatory activities. is superior

This is the third in my collection of favorite travel Web sites. has the best international car rentals, has the best name-your-own-price site for airlines, hotels and rental cars, and now, based on my experience, Southwest has the best and easiest-to-use airline site. The basic rule for Southwest in all phases of their operations is, “Keep it simple.”

The is right

Last week I began a series about my favorite Web travel sites. I started with AutoEurope, which provides what I consider the best international (Europe, Australia and a smattering of others) automobile rentals. This week, I focus on