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Last week I began a series about my favorite Web travel sites. I started with AutoEurope, which provides what I consider the best international (Europe, Australia and a smattering of others) automobile rentals. This week, I focus on

AutoEurope’s out of site savings

Every one of us, after using the Internet for some time, ends up returning time and again to the same sites. Maybe they are easier to navigate. Maybe they offer cheaper prices. Maybe the information is just better. After working in this field and writing about it for several years, I have developed my list of favorites. Over the next few months, I will explore my favorites.

Airport to town savings

Why can’t we, here in the United States, manage to build systems to transport passengers from the town to the airport – and vice versa? I hear lots of complaining from passengers and from environmentalists, but it seems that nothing is ever done.

We need transparent security

Are we at war with terrorism, or aren’t we? From the way Congress and the Transportation Department are acting, it seems that we are simply saddled with more of the usual when it comes to bureaucratic and political maneuvers. Shamefully, Senators and Congressmen left The Capitol earlier this month for vacation without even appointing a commander of the Transportation Security Administration! Who ever heard of heading into battle without a general in charge.

Unsung Heros

Airline flight attendants are the country’s unsung heroes in our current “War on Terrorism.” Immediately after the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorism events, the media was filled with stories about “real heroes” – rescuers, police and firefighters who risked their lives to save workers in those buildings.