Ramada reneges on room rate

He finds an unbelievable rate on the Internet for a Ramada property in Florida. But when he checks in, the hotel refuses to honor the price. Then it won’t let him speak with a supervisor. Can this hotel visit be saved?

A mandatory ticket fee

He booked a ticket to Hawaii on Orbitz, but just as he was getting ready to pay, a window popped up telling him he needed a paper ticket. Not to worry, the site reassured him – the fee would cover the costs of sending him the ticket by express mail. But when they arrive by regular mail, who pockets the profit?

Behave you gate hoarders!

Most of us have read about the impending code share and frequent flier alliance between Delta, Continental and Northwest. It was approved with many strings attached – strings that the airlines have declared they will ignore.

A ‘war concern’ surcharge

A week before her Caribbean cruise on the Royal Olympia’s Voyager, her travel agent faxed a notice saying that there would be a new $6 per person, per day fuel surcharge relating to “war concerns” and a $3 per person per day security surcharge. But hang on – doesn’t the fine print on her ticket say she’s entitled to 20 days advance notice if there are any new costs? Yes, it does. So what’s Royal Olympic going to do about it?

Nude-only screening

“Nude only” screening lines make a lot of sense. Think of them as a twist on the idea of a “Trusted Traveler Program” that the airlines have been kicking around for months now. An “Un-Trussed Traveler Program” could do for the airlines what they haven’t been able to accomplish for themselves: rejuvenate air travel.