Hotel won’t pay for ruined pants

A water leak in the room above his ruins a pair of expensive pants. Although the hotel offers a refund for the night, it balks at buying him a new pair of slacks. Does he have any recourse? And does the hotel really owe him a new pair of pants to begin with? In a hotel stays gone wrong issue.

Too many dollars for my rental

The car rental agent takes 45 minutes to complete her reservation. Another employee flippantly quotes from the O.J. Simpson trial when she can’t find her vehicle. Then – surprise! – she’s billed an extra $350 for the car. Are these jokers auditioning for the next Airplane! movie? Find out what went wrong and how this trip gets fixed.

A worst western vacation

First it puts her on a noisy floor, where crowds of New Year’s revelers are partying until the early hours of the morning. Then it raises the price of her room and denies her frequent-stayer points. Now Best Western won’t return her phone calls. What gives?

Show me your credit card

A ticket agent stops him before he boards a United Airlines flight. “Where’s the credit card you used to buy this ticket?” she wants to know. Just one problem: He doesn’t have it. Find out what happens next – and how it could affect your next flight.

Here come simpler airfares

Once upon a time, about a decade ago, American Airlines attempted to simplify the fare structure across the country. They introduced a very basic fare system that had only a few fare tiers, somewhat similar to the current fare structure of Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue. This simplification initiative was not embraced by the other airlines, led by Northwest, and the bold innovation crumbled.