Getting serious about CAPPS II

With the coming end of the war in Iraq, attention will return to the war on terrorism here at home. One of the most controversial facets is the new airline security passenger database, known as CAPPS II. It is being tested right now. Is it an invasion of our privacy?

Routed from Rio

After they’re attacked by a gang of teenage boys on Ipanema Beach during Carnaval, a doorman refuses to let her and her friend into their hotel. Is it a language barrier, or is the hotel at fault for exposing the couple to a gang of criminals? And who pays for the vacation when it’s cut short by circumstances?

Should I pay twice for my ticket?

His daughter buys a ticket to Atlanta from Ithaca, New York, to attend a family wedding. But when she tries to check in at the airport for her return flight, a Delta Air Lines agent tells her one leg of her itinerary is missing – even though it shows up in her itinerary. She’s forced to pay for a new ticket. But now the airline won’t refund her the money. Who’s responsible for the misunderstanding? Her airline? Her agency? Or is she to blame?

Northwest’s sick ticket rules

She books two tickets through the Northwest Airlines Web site. But a day before she leaves, she gets sick and cancels the trip so she doesn’t infect anyone else. Northwest’s reaction? It wants $260 in change fees and fare differences toward a new ticket. Now she wants a refund. Find out who gets to keep the money.

Toons terrify tots

A British psychologist may be on to something quite useful to us travelers who selfishly seek shelter from screamers while on the road.