Take the car in Europe

I spent much of my youth living in Europe as a military brat. One of the big bargains then was the Eurailpass. I clickity-clacked through Europe for months. In those days, there were few bargains as dramatic as the Eurailpass and car rentals were rare and very expensive. However, today, Eurailpasses are not such a bargain. Today, the best bargain, for two or more people traveling together, is a rental car.

United won’t pay for my hotel

A mechanical delay forces him to layover in San Francisco – or so the United Airlines ticket agent tells him. But there’s a business meeting the following morning in Vancouver and a flight to Seattle that will get him there on time. Should United cover his hotel expenses in Seattle as it offered to do in San Francisco? Or is the airline off the hook?

Blacklisted by National?

A car rental agent’s mistake leads to the blacklisting of a frequent renter. And no matter how hard he tries to clear up the misunderstanding, it seems he just keeps getting mired deeper in trouble. Now he turns to the travel troubleshooter for help, hoping to clear his good name (and possibly rent another car from National).

Dude, where are my miles?

He books a codeshare ticket on El Al from Miami to Tel Aviv, hoping to collect a few Delta SkyMiles. But 90 days after he travels the miles are MIA. Can the travel troubleshooter help this frequent flier find his missing miles, or are they gone for good? And how long should it take to get credit for a trip, anyway?