Wrong name on my ticket

After she books two tickets on, she discovers one of the names on the itinerary is wrong. Easy to fix? Her online agency says so, but her airline begs to differ. Read about the odyssey to correct a ticket and find out how you can avoid jumping through the same ridiculous hoops.

Pilfered luggage on Air Jamaica

On a stopover in Montego Bay on Air Jamaica, he discovers his luggage has been broken into. Bags are torn, locks are broken, and personal belongings have been rummaged through and stolen, adding up to about $850 in lost or damaged goods. Now the airline is giving him the run-around on his baggage claim. What to do?

A costly call from Costa Rica

It’s his housemate’s birthday, and he wants to call her from his hotel in Costa Rica. Two of his calls don’t go through and one is a wrong number, but his credit card is charged $190.49 anyway. What’s going on here? Did he get billed by mistake, or does the phone company really get $43.31 for calls that aren’t placed? Find out.

Flying on my terms

As in many businesses, over the years the airlines have developed unique meanings for many commonly used terms. This often leads to bewilderment of passengers simply wanting to get from one point to another without having to learn a whole new set of definitions.

A bait and switch on Priceline?

He makes a bid on a hotel room in Pensacola, Fla., through Priceline. When his first offer is rejected, he makes a second one, but it sends him to a hotel in the wrong part of town – one he prefers not to stay in. What kind of game is Priceline playing, here, and what kind of recourse does this traveler have?