Bravo, jetBlue

The JetBlue privacy violation is a perfect example of the media getting excited about the wrong thing. The only violation that was committed by JetBlue was a possible violation of their own privacy statement which notes, “The financial and personal information collected on this site is not shared with any third parties, and is protected by secure servers.”

ATA’s mileage mishap

When his hard-earned mileage voucher never shows up in his mailbox, a despondent traveler asks ATA to reissue the ticket. No can do, says the carrier, and asks him to recheck his mail. Can’t the airline just print another voucher? After a frustrating exchange of e-mails with the airline, the frequent flier asks the Travel Troubleshooter to investigate.

A vacation without future

She books a trip to Las Vegas for her parents’ 57th wedding anniversary. But when her father falls ill, the trip cancellation policy her travel agent sold her won’t cover the airline tickets. Can she get her money back? And whose fault is it that the insurance was no good? Find out.

Unsolved travel mysteries

Not every case that crosses my desk is solvable. Sometimes, travel companies refuse to address legitimate grievances by their customers, despite my best efforts. That’s when the letters end up in the ‘unsolved’ case file. Here are two of my favorite unsolved mysteries.

Hit and miss on Enterprise

What’s this? Extra miles on my car-rental bill? A car-repair bill that’s double the estimate I got from the body shop? Yes, and it’s up to Enterprise to untangle the two cases. Find out which customer gets off – and which one has to pay up.