Slaves and convicts

The Boston Globe recently published an editorial about the Knee Defender, a small device that prevents the seatback in from of you from reclining. The following day, the editorial found its way into the International Herald Tribune.

Lost luggage on British Airways

What happens when an airline misplaces your check-in bag and you can’t make a claim – because of language barriers, distance, or because the receipts for the clothes you bought are halfway around the world? That’s the problem of one British Airways passenger who is out $178.18 for clothes. The airline won’t respond to her repeated requests for help. What to do?

Guy travel tips

Seven habits that I’ve learned from my own misadventures to help other men travel smarter, travel safer, and travel with more confidence.

Burned by Hotwire

Don’t worry, a customer is told by Hotwire when she types in the wrong date for an airline ticket. Your reservation never went through. But no – it turns out it did get processed. And now she’s out of luck. Or is she? Are tickets booked on Hotwire really that inflexible? Get the surprising answer, and find out if this story has a happy ending.