Looking for answers

During the past year I’ve fielded many of your questions about air travel. But with the state of the airline industry as it is these days, I have a few questions for you.

Wolves in low-fare clothes

I am dismayed to hear of the travails of some of the country’s low cost carriers (LCCs). Independence Air and ATA have both been the subject of repeatedly negative news stories-in the case of ATA, bankruptcy; and in the case of Independence Air, rumors of bankruptcy. Indianapolis, support ATA. Washington, support Independence Air. If you want to maintain understandable, fair, transparent and reasonable airfares, fly on these airlines every chance you have. If the majors succeed in driving them out these markets, your airfares will skyrocket.

Fire your travel agent

The name on your airline ticket is wrong – it’s your husband’s last name, not yours. But instead of fixing it, your travel agent wants you to buy a new ticket for $450. When you balk at that, he recommends that you just change your last name to fit the ticket. With only a few weeks until her vacation, is this air traveler out of options? Find out who is responsible for an incorrect name – and what this traveler can do to make things right. Plus, learn how an incorrect name on your ticket can ruin your next vacation.

My closest call

If you have a fear of flying, you are not alone. There are millions of fearful flyers out there.