Feds open investigation into fuel dumping

Concerned that an aircraft approaching Tampa International Airport on Monday night might have dumped fuel over a neighborhood, and mystified that there is no record of any such event, the federal government Wednesday opened an investigation into the matter.

A California wine country primer

Sonoma County’s wineries have come a long way since the days when visitors stood in converted storerooms tasting from a couple bottles of wine served by a guy in rubber boots. Today, most of the nearly 200 wineries in this Northern California enophile Mecca are going out of their way to make wine tasting a pleasant and educational experience. So much so, in fact, that it can be overwhelming.

Delta changes course, revives fare increases

A day after retreating on fare increases, on Tuesday most major U.S. airlines revived increases of $10 per round trip on many domestic flights to cover the rising cost of jet fuel. Delta Air Lines Inc., which broke with the price increase on Monday, reconsidered overnight and pushed fares higher Tuesday morning.

10 tips for a better hotel rest

Hotels hold a very special place in every flight attendant’s heart. Most crewmembers will stay in at least one hotel every time they go to work. I value sleep immensely, so through the years I have gathered some tricks to the art of sleeping away from home. The following is a list of tips for a happier hotel rest.

Latest airline price increases stall yet again

Another round of airline fare increases faltered Monday as two carriers backed down, including Continental Airlines Inc., which had started the price hikes of $10 per round trip on many U.S. flights to offset rising fuel costs.

Did rugby team kill passenger?

Prosecutors in New York are investigating the death of an air traveler who was subdued by fellow passengers after he became disruptive. William Lee was pronounced dead after being taken off the American Airlines flight at Kennedy International Airport in New York. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

DWI arrest at Minneapolis airport

He wasn’t pulled over on a highway or residential side street, but when he was arrested Tuesday, Ronald O. Ogembo had the telltale signs of a drunken driver: the smell of alcohol on his breath, bloodshot eyes and trouble keeping his balance, authorities said. He acknowledged that he had been driving, too – on the tarmac at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

5 tips for getting the star treatment

You’ve probably seen it on TV. There’s Robin Leach is teeing off of the 17th hole at the Port Royal Golf Course. Or Joan Collins is sipping champagne in first class. Or Nicole Kidman is frolicking in the warm waters of the newest Jamaican resort. And you’ve wondered: how do they do it? Strictly between us, these perks are available to mere mortals, too. You just need to know how to do get the star treatment. Here are five sure-fire strategies.

A dark and stormy night in Phoenix

David Liu asks an America West agent for last-minute ticket from New York to San Jose, Calif. But what he ends up with is a one-way ticket to Phoenix, which was to have been a stopover on his original itinerary. Now America West wants to charge him more for a second ticket to California. Whose mistake is it – and should Liu fork over more money? Find out what happens when a ticket agent makes a mistake, and how you can prevent that from ruining your next trip.

Hawaii TSA screeners suspended in probe

Four screeners with the federal Transportation Security Administration were put on leave yesterday on suspicion of stealing money and other items from the suitcases of Japanese tourists, a TSA official said.