London transit disrupted after failed bombing

London police have been out in force to reassure commuters tentatively returning to work following yesterday’s failed bombings. Londoners faced disruption as station and line closures from Thursday’s attacks added to those from the July 7 bombings.

No room at the inn

Wendy Gore pays in advance for her hotel in San Francisco, but when she calls to confirm the reservation, the hotel claims it has never heard of her. Worse, the booking agency tells her she’s on her own. Should Expedia have helped her find new accommodations? And what does it owe her, now that she’s had to stay in a different, more expensive, hotel?

Denver swaps car-rental, hotel tax proposal

The Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau on Wednesday dropped its controversial proposal to increase the city’s rental-car tax by one percentage point to fund the promotion of Denver to tourists and conventioneers.

This summer, tourists are driving New Yorkers crazy

New York, America’s No. 1 tourist destination, is packed with more visitors this summer than ever, creating jobs, pumping billions into the economy – and making life miserable for some residents used to having the city to themselves.

Terrorist bus bombs trouble tourists

The smell of scorched diesel was still discernible on the waterfront at Kusadasi yesterday, though the road where the minibus exploded had been strewn with red and white carnations.

10 unforgettable in-flight fights

For the better part of 18 years, I have witnessed just about every in-flight fight imaginable. The culprits are many: celebrities, jealous boyfriends, girlfriends, strangers, friends, inebriates — even airline employees. However it starts, it never ends in a good way.

Hurricane Emily slams into Yucatan Peninsula

Hurricane Emily weakened early Monday after crashing onto the Gulf shores of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula with 135 mph winds. Forecasters predict it will cross into the Gulf of Mexico later in the day.

These hotels are just kidding around

Family vacations are a risky business, even in the best circumstances. Throw in a cranky toddler or a sulky teen, and the going can get pretty rough. What to do? Plan ahead, and look for a resort or hotel that really knows what kids want. Only then can you sit back and relax.

Unfriendly skies

Remember when air travel was an elegant experience that passengers dressed up for? When meals were served on china with real silverware? And doting flight attendants pinned honorary wings on wide-eyed youngsters? I do, because I was one of those kids.

Delta Air Lines lifts its fare cap by $100

What a difference seven months and $61-a-barrel oil makes. Delta Air Lines, which captured headlines in January when it placed limits on its coach and first-class fares in a bid to compete with low-fare airlines, said yesterday that it had increased the price caps by $100 per one-way fare.