Vocation vacations

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer. Labor Day weekend marks the end.

Memorial Day weekend sees few people observing its true meaning, and Labor Day weekend will see even fewer celebrating its namesake. Indeed, most people will want to forget about their jobs during the long weekend, and travel providers, looking to wring every last dollar out of the travel season, are more than happy to offer up deals to help.

I found one travel provider that has come up with a creative marketing campaign that capitalizes on both work and vacation. Here’s my list.

Homeland Security wants more access to data

The Homeland Security Department is making another push to get personal data on airline passengers in an effort to keep terrorists off flights. The lobbying effort comes months after the House and Senate, concerned about invading privacy, gave preliminary approval to a measure that would ban the department from tapping into credit reports, court files, shopping histories and other personal information for one year.

Surviving the dog days of summer

The end of the summer travel season sits on the horizon, wiping the last sweaty drips of frustration from its brow. It’s the time of year that most frontline airline employees hope will pass quickly. Indeed, they look forward to Labor Day almost as much as beach-weary parents look forward to the first day of school.

Northwest Airlines starts flying with replacements

Northwest enters key period in effort to fly with replacements
Northwest Airlines got off to a good start by keeping its planes flying when mechanics struck. But the real test for its replacement mechanics may be just beginning, airline experts said on Sunday.

Guests sue Vegas casino over Norwalk virus

Two Honolulu residents filed a federal lawsuit yesterday contending that they contracted the Norwalk virus during their stay at the California Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas in December 2003.

Living it up in the Mayan Riviera

Suggest a Mexican getaway, and most people think of Cancun, a balmy beach resort area manufactured as a tourist destination in the early 1970s. I say, skip Cancun and head 40 minutes south — to the Riviera Maya, a long stretch of beautiful Caribbean coast on the Yucatán peninsula.

Detroit braces for Northwest Airlines strike

As a possible strike by Northwest Airlines mechanics loomed Saturday, Detroit Metro Airport authorities prepared a command center Wednesday, dug up blankets and pillows for any stranded customers and put airport police on high standby. Northwest, meanwhile, in its first gesture toward worried travelers, waived the cancellation penalties for minors traveling alone Saturday or Sunday.

Passenger plane carrying 160 people crashes in Venezuela

An airliner carrying 160 passengers and crew members crashed into a mountain in northern Venezuela early today after reporting engine trouble, killing all aboard, aviation authorities said. The plane, an MD-82 made by McDonnell Douglas and operated by West Caribbean Airways of Colombia, was carrying French vacationers to Martinique.

Gotta go!

The only lavatory on the plane is locked tight. But Roy Bohlin’s nine-year-old son is well-hydrated. So well-hydrated that he’s about to … well, you get the idea. Find out how American Airlines responds when a short-haul flight becomes an in-continental trip.