Harrods200.jpgHead to Europe for a late fall getaway and, as a bonus, you might get a great head start on your holiday shopping. It’s far less crowded than in summer, flights are cheaper, and with a holiday gift list in hand, you can pass on the junky souvenirs and buy some really nice things in good conscience.

Hurricane Wilma weakens slightly

Record-breaking Hurricane Wilma weakened slightly to a Category 4 hurricane with top winds of near 150 mph early Thursday, but forecasters warned the storm may reintensify later in the day.

Missed flight, maxed-out card

She missed her flight from Minneapolis to Detroit by a few minutes. Now Northwest Airlines wants to charge Elizabeth Rodriguez an additional $1,289 to catch the next plane. Can the airline do that?

Wilma strengthens to Category 5 storm

Hurricane Wilma jumped from a Category 2 to a dangerous Category 5 storm in mere hours Wednesday, with maximum sustained winds of 175 mph — and possibly the lowest recorded barometric pressure, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday.

Procrastination …

Ah, procrastination. No cares, no responsibilities, no grasp on reality. Why, it’s more seductive than sex. But if you are a business traveler who puts off making travel arrangements, then you are wasting time, wasting money and squandering opportunity. But you already know that. What to do?

Site59’s revolutionary ‘Meet Me In’ tool

The new online tool coordinates trips for up to four people meeting from different locations. Known for its last-minute weekend travel packages, unveils today Meet Me In, an ambitious, original tool capable of coordinating travel plans for up to four people traveling from two cities to a common destination in the U.S. or abroad — seemingly tailor-made for reunions and impulsive getaways.

Best and worst travel sayings ever

When you fly into a new destination, you often hear some saying about it. It could be a motto, like “The Windy City” for Chicago, or a sly turn of phrase, like “City of Lost Wages” for Las Vegas. Here are some of my favorite travel sayings: good, bad, and ugly.

Europe calls summit on bird flu crisis

The European Commission is holding an emergency meeting of veterinary experts after it confirmed that the lethal H5N1 strain of bird flu has been found in Turkish poultry, and is suspected of being present in Romania.

5 myths about nude vacations

naked.jpgNudity! There, I said it. If the thought of going au naturel on holiday makes you uncomfortable, please don’t read on. You’ll probably be offended. Still with me? OK, here are the five leading myths about nude vacations.