Frequent fliers turn skeptical

The airline industry’s frequent-flier programs, introduced 25 years ago this month, seem to be under attack as never before. Reiss and a fast-growing number of other critics — consumers and experts alike — say the programs are becoming more trouble than they’re worth to travelers and have outlived their appeal.

Hard times on Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa, a tiny Gulf Coast barrier island, is one of the least visited of Florida’s state parks. Which is exactly why people are drawn to this sanctuary of white-sand beaches and oak-palm hammocks, a place so remote that it can be reached only by boat. Come to think of it, that’s why I was there, too. To get away from it all.

Holiday travelers hit the road, but scrimp a bit

As the summer travel season began in earnest this past weekend, Americans were indulging their wanderlust, jamming highways, and filling airports, motels and eateries. But in some small ways, travelers interviewed across the country over the weekend said they were cutting their spending and downsizing their plans for summer trips.

Commuting at 35,000 feet

You think your commute to work is bad? Imagine that your office is 3,000 miles from your home. Or 5,000. Ridiculous, you say? But that’s the reality for thousands of airline employees who’ve got friends, family and a nice house in a town far from their airline hub. Is the commute worth it?

Cruise passenger reported missing

A passenger was spotted jumping overboard from a cruise ship returning from the British Virgin Islands, but no sign of the person was found after searching half a day, officials said Sunday.

Repeat cruising pays off

Over the years, I’ve reaped the sweet rewards of being a repeat cruiser. On my last repeat cruise, I saved more than $1,500 from a single coupon. As with all repeat business, it’s all about building relationships. Make the most of your relationship with your cruise lines and you’ll definitely seize the savings.

37 million expected to travel this weekend

As millions of Americans prepare for the first big holiday of the summer season, the price of gasoline is the talk of the town. Despite prices hovering above $2.85 a gallon, AAA says it expects a slight increase in the number of travelers this year.

South of the border

There has been a lot of talk recently about border crossings and illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States. But what about travelers going in the other direction? What rules and regulations are imposed for the privilege of spending gringo dollars south of the border? You might be surprised.

Power outage snarls Northeast rail service

A major power outage stranded thousands of rush-hour commuters Thursday between New York and Washington, stopping five trains inside tunnels and forcing many passengers to get out and walk to the nearest station.

AmEx ate my miles!

Michael Levine’s life is moving along nicely. He’s moved up to an American Express corporate card, and he’s getting married. Now he wants to cash in his frequent flier miles for his honeymoon. But wait. Where did they go? AmEx lost them in the card transfer and now the company won’t talk to him. Can this honeymoon be saved?