Airways are the safest ever

The airline industry is enjoying its safest period ever, both here and elsewhere around the world. A passenger hasn’t died in a U.S.-registered airline jet accident in more than 4½ years, the longest stretch in the modern history of aviation.

JetBlue, Continental tops in satisfaction

Jet Blue, known for its swank seats and individual passenger televisions, ranks highest among low-cost carriers in customer satisfaction, says a survey being released Thursday. JetBlue received stellar numbers across the board, topping the ratings in all seven customer satisfaction categories.

An extra night at the Hyatt

There’s no room at the Hyatt for Arlis Miller, who wants to stay an extra night in Chicago when weather makes it impossible to travel home. But later, the hotel presents its guest with a bill for the extra night, anyway. What’s going on — and does Miller still have to pay?

JetBlue, Northwest plan to fight on Wright

Two airlines are objecting to the local compromise on the Wright Amendment, arguing that the proposed deal is unfair to competing airlines and would keep potential new service locked out of Dallas Love Field.

Getting fliers on jets faster

The traditional method of boarding coach passengers — by rows, starting from the rear — is passé at most U.S. airlines. More than half say they use other methods, according to a USA Today survey of major airlines.


The comedian Dennis Miller once said, “If you are at work and wearing a name tag, then somewhere along the line, you probably made a serious error in career choices.” When I first heard this remark, I was at the airport, and not only was I wearing a name tag, I was wearing a tie that matched the curtains in the aircraft.

United looks at moving corporate HQ

In what may be a bid for tax breaks, United Airlines is exploring relocation of its corporate headquarters from suburban Chicago to Denver or San Francisco.

Alaska ports of call

Have you ever seen the amazing blue ice of a glacier, or dozens of bald eagles in the sky or bears stuffing themselves full of fish? You can in Alaska, a land of unimaginably wild beauty. And what’s the best way to experience this magnificent state? Cruising, of course.

Airline hears ‘moos’

When Southwest Airlines’ chief executive wrote this week on the company blog that it soon plans to test assigned seating on several flights from San Diego, it got a surprising rush of responses that were mostly in favor of keeping the signature first-come, first-served system.

Road hash: 6 ways to avoid it

Does sharing a crowded interstate with big trucks scare you? Do you find large RVs on the road unnerving? Well, you’ve got good reason to be nervous, because when hurtling masses of rubber, glass and steel collide, size does matter. If you don’t want to wind up as road hash, you need to pay attention.