Fliers bare their soles on checkpoint woes

Confusion still marks the post-9/11 airport security-screening experience. Despite TSA’s efforts to clarify what is allowed and what is not at security checkpoints, uncertainty and frustration still are in the air.

What is your Road Trip Profile?

Road trip! These two little words conjure dreams of freedom and adventure, yet they mean something different to every person who utters them. Is it a jaunt? A quest? A rendezvous with serendipity? Before you hit the road, ask yourself these five questions. The result will be your Road Trip Profile.

The hunt for a valid ticket

His friends call him Hunt. But his passport calls him Huntley. And when Hunt types the wrong name into the computer when he buys a ticket through Travelocity, he’s in trouble. The solution: buy a new ticket and ask for a refund on the old one. Question is, will Travelocity go along? Or will he pay for two tickets?

Dozens injured when cruise ship tips

A cruise ship listed sharply off Port Canaveral, Florida, injuring at least 93 passengers, 16 of them seriously, according to the Cape Canaveral Fire Department.

Amtrak’s Acela: better than flying

Amazingly, neither JetBlue nor American Airlines could confirm a flight from any New York City airport to Boston this morning. The cutbacks in airline capacity are taking their toll and have driven me to take the train for the first time in a long time. So here I am, sitting on Amtrak’s “Acela,” cruising between New York and Boston. And you know what? I like it.

What a steal!

Air travel has plenty of problems these days (terrorism, bankruptcy — you name it), but maybe what you should be worrying about is theft. No, I don’t mean the ticket price. Or the price of coffee at the airport. Or even those airline CEOs getting away with robbery every time they cash their paychecks. No, the thief I mean is the one sitting next to you on the airplane.

Airline battle moves from coach to business class

U.S. airlines are shifting their battle for customers from coach to business class. As the low-fare war for budget travelers seems to wind down or be on hold, major airlines are increasingly reaching out to those who prefer high-end service.

Cruise lines get chatty

Three cruise lines have recently launched their own online bulletin boards and blog spaces, where customers can share memories, experiences and opinions. The conversation is lively and the information is firsthand. Will the chat change how cruisers get their cruise information?