NWA attendants to give notice of walkouts

The flight attendants union at Northwest Airlines Inc. plans to notify travelers by e-mail before it stages surprise walkouts, which are possible as early as Friday night.

12 ridiculous things about air travel

When there are no airline bankruptcies, pilot strikes, terrorism alerts, thunderstorms, traffic jams or crabby flight attendants, air travel can be fast and convenient. But there are some things about air travel that are simply ridiculous. I can think of a dozen things right off the bat. How about you?

US Airways pilots to picket

US Airways pilot union leaders on the East Coast plan to picket and hand out leaflets at the Philadelphia airport Tuesday, the highest profile sign yet of growing labor rancor at the merged America West-US Airways.

3 myths about cruise fares

People new to cruising often have mistaken ideas about the experience. (Icebergs! Pirates!) But even longtime cruisers can mistake conventional wisdom for fact. Here are three myths about cruise fares that deserve a second look.

Report: U.K. bomb suitcase found

British police investigating an alleged plot to bomb trans-Atlantic airline flights are reported to have found a suitcase containing items which could be used to construct a bomb, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation.

How to make a speed run

OK, you’re in love, and the idea of driving 1,800 miles to be with your sweetie strikes you as romantic. Or you’ve got a last-minute interview in Poughkeepsie and no way to get there but by car. Your adrenaline’s up and you’re ready for a speed run. First piece of advice: Take the time to get ready.

Security scare ends at Logan

A 59-year-old Vermont woman’s behavior aboard a trans-Atlantic flight triggered a massive security response yesterday, with Air Force F-15 jets escorting the plane to Logan Airport, where federal agents seized the woman, authorities interrogated passengers, and police dogs sniffed through luggage for explosives.

A missed connection down under

A series of unexpected delays leaves Australia-bound Gai Skramstad stranded in Los Angeles without luggage for a day. United Airlines pays for her hotel and offers a $100 voucher, but she wants more for losing a day of her vacation. What is she entitled to?

Boy, 12, evades security clampdown

Despite a high level of alert at British airports, a 12-year-old boy managed to board a plane at Gatwick without a passport, ticket or boarding pass.

How to cruise for free

Cruise for free? Yes, it’s possible and it’s not as hard as you might think. All you need is a few family members or friends willing to travel together on the same itinerary. Any occasion will do: birthday, anniversary, college reunion — even a company retreat. Gather up a group, and you can enjoy some nice benefits at sea.