6 tips for a safe road trip

Road trip! What a great idea. Oh, but wait. What about the weather? And mountains and black ice and flash floods and hail? What about criminals lying in wait? Sure, road trips can pose some challenges, but information and a few sensible precautions will have you safely on the road in no time.

Coup unlikely to dent Thai tourism

Some travelers have canceled trips to Bangkok in the wake of a bloodless military coup, but the impact on Thailand’s lucrative tourist industry should be brief and small, travel agents said on Thursday.

Small overcharge, big problem

One night at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in Torrington, Wyo., costs $67.06, according to the bill that’s given to overnight guest Robert Duval. But a few days later, his credit card is charged for $74.52. What happened? And why won’t anyone from the property or hotel chain answer his request for a refund?

Crisis seen in luggage screening

The nation’s airports face a looming crisis in their ability to screen checked luggage for bombs that will require billions of dollars to avert, a new report ordered by Congress says.

New passport rules to take effect Jan. 8

The date when passports will be required for U.S. citizens flying or cruising to Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico has been extended by one week, to Jan. 8, 2007. The change was made to accommodate holiday travelers.

That free drink could be your last

How many times have you been traveling and had a little too much to drink? The drinks kept coming and you didn’t care where they were coming from? It happens all the time. If I told you that accepting that free drink could be a deadly mistake, would you believe me? Well, read on because I have a confession to make.

Is cruising right for you?

Never been on a cruise before? Then you probably have some questions. Like, “Will I get seasick, gain weight, or go crazy cooped up on the ship?” And, “What do I wear, who does the laundry, and how much should I tip?” Here are answers to seven common queries from cruise newbies.

Rules could saddle airlines with more bags

As a result of new carry-on baggage rules, which have forced more passengers to check their luggage, the air carriers’ already thinned-out, stressed-out ranks of baggage handlers have seen the number of bags they must load into the bellies of planes rise by as much as 30% in some locations.

Camping in Europe

Not sure you want to see Europe on a whirlwind tour that involves a bus, a smarmy tour guide and 13 cities in 8 days? Then think about camping. It’s cheap, it’s friendly, the campgrounds are everywhere — and there isn’t a bear in sight.