Airlines cancel $6 fare increase

Several U.S. airlines gave up on an attempt to raise fares by $6 per round trip after United Airlines, which had initiated the move, went back to its earlier rates over the weekend.

Plane spooky

Gather round while I tell you stories of strange goings-on in the sky, tales of bizarre happenings and unexplained coincidences that will send shivers up your spine. If you are easily spooked by airplane disasters and conspiracy theories, this collection of stories may not be for you. Enter at your own risk.

Crash pilot ignored storm advice

The pilot of a Nigerian airliner that crashed Sunday did not heed air traffic controllers’ advice to wait for stormy weather to clear before taking off, the minister of aviation said Monday.

New Caribbean, Grand Turk style

When it comes to the Caribbean, there are rarely any new destinations to talk about, much less any laid-back ones. Sleepy islands of the past have long since been transformed into commercialized tourist meccas. But now there’s a new cruise stop in the Caribbean that offers a unique look back to the way things used to be. Welcome to Grand Turk.

Skybus orders 65 jets from Airbus

Skybus Airlines, a Columbus carrier that expects to start flying next year, has signed a contract to buy 65 jets from Airbus. The French aerospace company called the order one of the largest it has ever received from a startup U.S. airline.

Hotels ditch imposing desks for friendly ‘pods’

Traditional hotel check-in counters — long and fortress-like — are on their way out. Hotel chains are replacing them with smaller desks or individual pods that take less space and let employees provide more personable service.

Right price? Not exactly

The daily rate for a rental car in San Francisco looks almost too good to be true on the Hertz Web site. And it is. When Chris Chiang tries to pick up the car, a rental agent hands him a contract that asks him to pay double the price for the vehicle. What should he do?

Wanted: Registered travelers

Ten of the USA’s busiest airports have asked the federal government if they can start Registered Traveler programs that would give pre-screened passengers a shortcut through security lines.

Fees make up a big chunk of car rental costs

Business travelers continue to face steep car rental taxes and fees at many of the USA’s largest airports despite industry attempts to persuade local officials to roll them back.

Carry on!

Airport carry-on rules don’t make much sense. One moment there is a proposal to life the ban on scissors, knives and, yes, ice picks, and the next moment a ban on liquids is imposed. Huh? Do you find yourself confused? Do you have any idea what you can take on board the plane? Well, I am a flight attendant and I am just as bewildered.