US Airways set to pitch Delta

Two weeks after proposing the biggest airline merger ever, US Airways on Thursday will make its case directly to Delta Air Lines and its creditors at a meeting in New York. The gathering will be Delta’s first face-to-face meeting with its suitor since US Airways’ $8 billion hostile bid on Nov. 15 to create the world’s biggest airline.

A shuttle disaster

Lana Carlson’s airport shuttle is supposed to pick her up at 11 p.m. But it’s a no-show. Four hours later, she still has no ride to the airport. Finally, Carlson hails a cab after the van company, SuperShuttle, promises to refund her fare. But guess what? Now her reimbursement is delayed, too. What gives?

US Airways-Delta merger could spark fare war

A potential merger between US Airways Group and Delta Air Lines would force the combined airline to shed some overlapping services, but the sale of assets could open the door to low-cost competitors and spark a new fare war.

5 travel brands you can trust

Christmas is coming, and your gift list includes its share of travelers. What will it be this year? A car blanket? Audio books? A poncho that converts to pajamas? What, they already have all that? Charlie Leocha selects his five favorite travel brands, each with a wide range of gifts for you to choose from.

Southwest raises its walk-up fares

Discount king Southwest Airlines increased some of its fares as much as $10 one way over the weekend, setting off another round of industrywide price increases just ahead of the December holiday travel season.

25 tips from readers

The turkey has come and gone, but there are many miles of holiday air travel still to come, so James Wysong has dusted off 25 of his favorite tips from the flying public. Take a look. And hey, while you’re waiting at the airport for your next flight, how about sending James some of your favorite tips?

Returning travelers get break from the weather

Mostly fair weather Sunday brought a smooth finish to one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. Airports saw few delays despite carry-on rules stricter than a year ago and a heavy volume of people flying this Thanksgiving.

6 shore excursions that say “Wow!”

The ship is docked and it’s time to head to shore. Does the prospect of another sightseeing tour bore you? Does the idea of another shopping “opportunity” makes you want to burn down the gift shop? Then check out these unusual shore excursions, which are all high on the “Wow!” scale.

Aircraft makers trying to take ordeal out of flying

Starting in 2008, major aircraft makers say, the newest planes will feature fresher air, soothing lights and bigger windows. They’re even talking about such amenities as showers and bunk beds, while admitting those are less likely to wind up in typical airliners.

Web 2.0: Too much of a good thing?

The country’s top online travel conference, the PhoCusWright Executive Conference, wrestled with Web 2.0 last week, weighing the costs and benefits of user-generated reviews and travel sharing in the Internet space. My conclusion: Web 2.0 may be too much of a good thing.