Weather complicating holiday travel

Heavy rain and high wind gusts didn’t do anything to help throngs of travelers making their way to be with family and friends for Thanksgiving, as airports reported delays and traffic jams clogged major thoroughfares.

Get me to the gate on time

When Daniel Nicastri gets stuck in a traffic jam, his airline reassures him that he’ll still be able to board his flight from New York to London. Wrong! Not only does the airline refuse to allow Nicastri on the plane, but it also can’t accommodate him on the next flight. Then Nicastri is told he can’t fly at all. What’s going on?

Airport screeners brace for holiday

The millions of passengers who file through airport gates during Thanksgiving week will be accompanied by a holiday baggage barrage.

The flag of our youth

This Thanksgiving, as you give thanks for your family and friends, don’t forget a very important group of people who are away from home, in some foreign land, risking their lives for you and me and the rest of us. Give thanks to the soldiers, and the flag of our youth.

More people choose to fly on turkey day

Thanksgiving Day is becoming an increasingly popular day for air travel as more Americans dodge the worst of holiday crowds and attempt to save money.

When your home is alone

It’s November. The holidays and the winter cruise season have started in earnest. All over America, people are about to go on vacation, leaving their houses behind. Is your house safe when it’s home alone?

Cruise line’s pricing gaffe soaks passengers

When US Airways accidentally listed flights last year for the ridiculously low price of $1.86, the airline honored the mistake — and reaped a public relations windfall. Not so Holland America.

Getting there in time for turkey

The roads are jammed, the kids are squabbling, the weather is sleety and the pumpkin pie is going cold in the trunk. Ah, yes, it’s the annual Thanksgiving road trip. Is there anything you can do to make this pilgrimage more bearable? Yes, there is.

Airport arrest turns up nuclear info

A man was arrested at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after officials say they found him carrying more than $78,000 in cash and a laptop computer containing information about nuclear materials and cyanide.