Norwegian cruise liner stranded in Antarctica

Nearly 300 passengers, including 113 Americans, were awaiting rescue Wednesday from a Norwegian cruise ship that ran aground off a remote Antarctic island, damaging its hull.
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Air travelers seen doubling by 2025

The number of air travelers is expected to double by 2025, rising to more than 9 billion a year, a body representing the world's airports said on Tuesday.
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The safety demo: Theater of the absurd?

Ah, the safety demo, the flight attendant’s shot at stardom. It has all the makings of a hit: snazzy costumes, life-and-death scenarios, cool props -- even a captive audience. James Wysong takes the script and has a little fun with it.
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US Airways posed to add $1 billion to Delta bid

US Airways Group Inc. offered to add $1 billion in cash to its $9.67 billion cash-and-stock bid for fellow airline Delta Air Lines Inc. in order to win support from Delta's creditors, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.
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Cruising solo: Now it’s easier

What happens when two baby boomers get together to solve one of the biggest dilemmas in cruising – traveling solo? You get SoloCruiser.com, a Web site that helps single cruisers cut costs, make friends and have fun on the high seas -- no matter what their age.

Airline delays set record in 2006

Airline delays increased sharply last year to record highs because of a rash of bad weather starting in the fall that shut airports and stranded thousands of passengers, according to federal data.
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Prisoners of our passports

In case you were snoozing, this week the United States rolled out the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which, among other things, requires U.S. citizens to present a passport when they travel by air to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean -- well, just about anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Charlie Leocha asks, “Why?”
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Senators fly idea of airline re-regulation

Senators grilled US Airways CEO Douglas Parker about his company's hostile bid for Delta Air Lines at a hearing on airline consolidation Wednesday, with even some Republicans suggesting there could be a need for re-regulation of airlines if a new round of mergers take place.
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Canceled flight, worthless voucher

Two years ago, Orville Duggan and his wife volunteered to give up their seats on an overbooked United Airlines flight. But after they redeem their vouchers, Hurricane Katrina strikes, forcing them to cancel their vacation. Should the airline cut them a little slack when it comes to rebooking their flights?

Few glitches reported as passport rules take effect

A new rule requiring U.S. airline passengers to show a passport upon their return from Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean took effect Tuesday, with few reports of stranded travelers.
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