New passport rules go into effect Tuesday

Americans flying to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean made sure to bring their passports Monday because of a new rule going into effect Tuesday that requires them to show one to get back into the country.

Understaffed and fed up

How many flight attendants does it take to service a full 747? Guidelines usually call for 16, but sometimes you get 14, or 13 or 12. Heck, James Wysong once worked a trans-Atlantic flight on a 747 with only eight flight attendants aboard. As airlines cut staff to cut costs, understaffing becomes chronic. Wysong, for one, is fed up.

Pilot dies after falling ill in cockpit

The pilot of a Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, became ill during the flight Saturday and died after the plane was diverted to McAllen, the airline announced.

Woe, Canada: Visa snafu ruins cruise

All Michael and Terry Weadock wanted to do was take a three-day cruise to the Bahamas. Imagine their dismay when Carnival Cruise Lines turned them away at the pier in Miami. The problem? Terry is a Canadian citizen, and her papers were not in order. What went wrong?

New travel rules set off confusion, rush for passports

For thousands of travelers flying into the USA from Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico, Tuesday is D-Day. Or P-Day, as it were. That’s when new government regulations take effect requiring all incoming air travelers — including U.S. citizens — to have a passport.

Three degrees of decision

Sometimes a road trip is an accident waiting to happen. There are just so many things beyond the driver’s control: tornados, blizzards, hotel fires, food poisoning — you name it. But that doesn’t bother our road trip columnist, Mark Sedenquist. In his years of traveling, Mark has found that one bad decision seldom ruins a trip. But the second or third one can really ruin your day — or lead to something much, much worse.

Aviation security chief: No-fly list is being cut

The Bush administration is checking the accuracy of a watch list of suspected terrorists banned from traveling on airliners in the U.S. and will probably cut the list in half, the head of the Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday.

My hotel lost my glasses

Kate Lease leaves her glasses at a Comfort Inn. Fortunately, the hotel finds them and offers to return them to her. Unfortunately, it loses them before it can put them in the mail. What does the company owe Lease for losing her glasses?

Registered Traveler program starts at JFK airport

A long-delayed program aimed at speeding trusted travelers through airport security took a small but dramatic step Tuesday when it opened at one terminal in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

How much should I tip?

I’ve recently had many readers ask for advice on tipping when they travel. “Who do I tip?” “How much do I give them?” Even, “Who is this person following me around, trying to steal my luggage?” (Answer: That’s the bellman, and he is there to help you). It must be time for Amy Bradley-Hole’s refresher course in “Tipping for Travelers.”