Transportation secretary to review airline policies

The decision by JetBlue and American Airlines to leave passengers stranded aboard planes for several hours this winter during storms has led the Transportation Department’s top official to call for an investigation.

Amtrak struggles with late trains

With freight traffic soaring in recent years, Amtrak’s never-stellar on-time performance declined to an average of 68 percent last year, down from 74 percent in 2003. When the routes where Amtrak owns the tracks are excluded, the on-time performance last year fell to 61 percent.

Sick flight? 6 remedies

Airplanes are hotbeds for illness. Germs hop aboard and there’s not a darned thing you can do about that. In fact, some of the worst carriers are flight attendants, who would love to stay home and cure whatever ails them, but are afraid of repercussions from their supervisors. There’s not much you can do about that, either. But you can take precautions to keep the sickness at bay. James Wysong tells how.

Snowstorm forces JetBlue to cancel 68 flights

JetBlue canceled 68 flights because of snow Monday, nearly a week after the airline pledged to compensate customers for more than a thousand canceled flights from the Valentine’s Day storm two week earlier.

Costa Mediterranea: Magnifico

What happens when you put 900 Americans and 1,100 Europeans together onboard an Italian cruise ship? You get fun, drama, pasta and a wild toga party. Welcome to “Cruising Italian Style” aboard Costa Mediterranea.

Powerful X-ray machine debuts in Phoenix

A new X-ray machine for detecting weapons and explosives on airline passengers makes its debut today in Phoenix. The so-called “backscatter” device will be used at one checkpoint in one terminal at Sky Harbor International Airport.

Happy birthday, Henry

February 27, 2007, marks the 200th birthday of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882), one of America’s greatest poets. Longfellow’s unique ability to combine history with rhyme sang to the nation’s soul and helped forge our national self-image. His life and writings have also spawned a travel industry. Come follow along amid some “footprints on the sands of time.” (Yes, that’s Longfellow).

U.S. to exempt kids from passport rules

The Bush administration is expected to announce on Thursday that it will exempt children from new rules that will require people to show passports when entering the U.S. at land or sea borders.

Travelocity’s hidden change fee

The first set of tickets Melanie Mouras buys on Travelocity is a bargain. But when she needs to change her itinerary, the price of her tickets skyrockets — and then there’s a surprise $30 change fee on top of the expected $100 fee from the airline. Should Travelocity offer Mouras a better deal? And why does it cost an extra $30 to switch flights?

JetBlue apologizing in full-page ads

JetBlue Airways, reeling from an operational stumble that has hurt its reputation, printed an apology to customers in a handful of East Coast newspapers on Wednesday.