Innkeepers laws: What are they?

A local attorney’s television ad encourages his viewers to “know your rights.” That’s great advice for travelers, too — and there are specific laws that govern your hotel stays. They are called “innkeepers laws” and they cover everything from overbooking to evictions. Amy Bradley-Hole gives us a rundown.

Snafu could cost JetBlue $30 million

The chief executive of JetBlue Airways Corp. said Tuesday that reimbursing passengers stuck on about 1,000 delayed flights and updating its operations to prevent further problems could cost the airline $30 million or more.

Airline complaint? Well, speak up!

Have you ever tried to file a complaint about some problem you encountered on a plane trip? Did you know what to say and where to send the letter? Few people do. Here is James Wysong to the rescue, with some tips for effective complaining.

JetBlue braces for more delayed flights

Low cost fares, quirky blue potato chips and even a mea culpa from JetBlue Airways’ founder may not be enough to ease passenger anxiety as the airline braced for another day of disrupted flights Monday.(

How to pack for a cruise

Cruise packing can easily go wrong, and the biggest mistake is overpacking. Our cruise columnist, Anita Dunham-Potter, knows this from personal experience, having sat atop innumerable overstuffed suitcases, struggling to zip them closed. After dozens of cruises, and in the face of new airline rules limiting suitcases to 50 pounds, she has finally figured out the basics. Here are some tips for you.

Passengers subdue armed hijacker

A man armed with two pistols hijacked an Air Mauritania flight Thursday but was subdued by two passengers, a Spanish official said. The plane landed safely in the Canary Islands and no one was hurt, the official said.

All washed up

Every motorist who has ever driven 400 sweaty miles has looked longingly at the truck stops and wondered the same thing: Can I use those showers, or not? Fifteen years ago, the answer would have been “No way,” but times have changed. Now that truck stops have morphed into “travel plazas,” there may be a hot shower for you by the side of the road.

Winter blast dents Valentine’s Day plans

Hundreds of flights were canceled Wednesday at the New York City area’s three major airports, with some passengers trapped on grounded planes for hours. Cancelations also were reported in Albany, N.Y.; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; Philadelphia; Cincinnati; and Indianapolis.

Airline grounded, miles gone

After she cashes in 100,000 hard-earned award points for a vacation in Mexico, Rachel Cohen-Mazouz learns that her airline has been grounded by aviation officials. If she cancels her getaway, can she get her miles back? Her bank says “No,” but her airline still isn’t flying. Who’s right?