Airlines in Bankruptcy Land

What happens when you don’t pay your bills? Do you get a bonus and a fat retirement package? No, you do not. And yet that is exactly what happens to airline executives when a carrier goes into bankruptcy protection. Charlie Leocha argues that the airline industry has adopted bankruptcy as a deliberate management strategy — a strategy that unduly benefits management, bankers and lawyers.

Deadly storm brings snow, tornadoes

Residents of the Plains states huddled for cover early Thursday as a major storm system that has killed at least two people moved through the region, bringing heavy snow and tornadoes to some areas. (AP)

No luggage, no refund

Jim Mesick and his wife make the flight to Montego Bay, but their luggage doesn’t. When they pay $133 for new clothes and toiletries, and ask their airline for a reimbursement, they’re turned down. The reason? They went shopping too soon. Or did they?

Lawmakers mull crackdown on cruise crime

Members of Congress, hearing horror stories Tuesday about crime aboard cruise ships, said legislation might be needed to guard against lawlessness on the open seas.

Airport: the cast of characters

Every workplace has its characters, and the airport is no exception. Some of the characters are brave and kind, but some are annoying or just plain weird. James Wysong introduces us to some of the stranger characters you will meet during the course of your air travels, and admits to being one himself.

Cruise line probes why two fell overboard

Princess Cruises is investigating how two passengers tumbled off a cruise ship cabin balcony and into the Gulf of Mexico, trigging a four-hour rescue effort.

Sex and the window washer

Anita Dunham-Potter asked for readers’ feedback on a recent cruise column, and boy did she get it. The column told the tale of an amorous couple’s outrage when a window washer appeared outside their balcony cabin just as they were enjoying an early-morning tryst (yep, they’d left the drapes open). Four hundred e-mails later, Anita shares readers’ thoughts.

Airports push for higher passenger fees

If the nation’s airports get their way, the price of flying will increase further this fall as they push for higher boarding fees used to fund airport improvements, ranging from new runways to expanded terminals.