Brisbane day two

IbisSmall.gifAfter a morning of business meetings, it was time to go back to exploring Brisbane. A few floating clouds crossed the blue sky and the temperatures stayed in the 80s with virtually no humidity. It was a perfect day to walk along the river. And walk I did.

Going, abroad

Nyilvános vécé. … Tuvalet. … Banheiro. … The loo.. “Toilet” is an invaluable word in every language, though knowing the word doesn’t always prepare you for what you will find when you travel: a gold-plated commode in one place, a hole in the ground in another. Let’s explore the personal subject of “Going, abroad.”

Brisbane Day One

Arbor75pix.gifAt a little after 6 a.m. my Qantas flight landed at the Brisbane after approaching over Moreton Island (a national park) and North Stradbroke Island (inhabited) that protect the harbor. The glistening skyscrapers of the city on the horizon disappeared behind a green wall of gum trees as the 747 pulled up to the terminal.

Cruise, cruise, cruise

In December, Alzoria Jones took her 100th cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines; a month later, Lorraine Arzt celebrated her 4,000th day at sea with Princess Cruises. What is it about certain cruise lines that brings customers back over and over again? Is it about perks, or is it about something more?

Some airlines begin to increase staff again

U.S. airline employment increased in February from a year earlier, the first monthly increase in more than two years and a sign that the industry may have reached its low point for staffing.

Rover and Rosie hit the road: 10 tips

Next time you’re on a road trip and pull into a rest stop, check out the animal companions. In his years on the highways, Mark Sedenquist has seen quite a collection of dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and snakes — even a hamster or two. Pets are great travel pals, but they need special handling. Here are 10 tips for the road.

Fly Delta, plant a tree

Customers buying tickets on Delta Air Lines Inc.’s Web site this summer will have the chance to donate money to help offset the carbon dioxide created by their airline travel.