TB patient moved from Atlanta quarantine

A tuberculosis patient under the first federal quarantine since 1963 left an Atlanta hospital Thursday and arrived at a Denver facility that specializes in respiratory disorders, officials said.

A confirmation, but no ticket

His reservation is confirmed online, but when Max Putra gets to the airport, he doesn’t have a seat. SkyEurope Airlines forces him to buy a new, more expensive ticket, claiming his credit card company rejected his card. Now it’s balking at his request for a refund. Or is it?

U.S. seeks fliers possibly exposed to rare TB

Federal health authorities said Tuesday that they are looking for people who may have been exposed to a rare and potentially fatal form of tuberculosis from an infected passenger during two trans-Atlantic flights this month.

Summer airline woes

Soon it will be summer, a time of lamentation throughout the land. Or at least lamentation at the airports, where long lines, full planes, small crews, delayed flights and lost luggage all add up to a season of woe. Charlie Leocha says this year will be worse than usual, and offers some tips for defensive flying.

Airline ticket: $10; pillow: $15

How low can airfares go? Try $10 for a one-way ticket from Burbank to Columbus, Ohio. Or $9 from Los Angeles International Airport to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Better yet, there is a 1-cent fare for flights from LAX to Guatemala. And the flight attendants are paid partly on commission based on in-flight sales.


What is the funniest thing to happen to you on an airplane flight? James Wysong gets asked this question quite often, and after 18 years as a flight attendant, it is difficult for him to pick one event. But forced to choose, he goes with the infamous in-flight scalping. Yes, he said “scalping.”

Northwest after bankruptcy: who wins?

Northwest Airlines rolls out of the bankruptcy hangar on Thursday after an overhaul that took 20 months. It’s winning positive reviews from industry analysts, who think it emerges as a strong competitor after slashing annual operating costs by $2.4 billion and reducing lease and debt expenses by $4.2 billion.

Going on a cruise? You bet!

All of a sudden, cruise bashing is all the rage. Why, you can hardly get through a cruise story these days without being treated to a parade of horribles — everything from disease outbreaks and sinkings to drunken brawls and passengers gone overboard. Do you have to be crazy to cruise? Well, no. Our cruise columnist, Anita Dunham-Potter, calms the waters.

Holiday travelers ignoring fuel cost

Soaring gas prices did not appear to be deterring Americans from hitting the road and airports this Memorial Day weekend for what many expect will be record holiday travel.