Stricter passport rules delayed — again

The Bush administration will delay for at least six months a rule that Americans present passports when crossing the U.S. border by land or sea, officials said Wednesday.

Bumped without a check

Nancy Kreinberg’s partner gets a check for 600 euros after the couple is bumped from a flight on Iberia, but Kreinberg doesn’t get a check. The airline says it’s because Kreinberg is “not on the list.” Is Iberia stonewalling her or is she really entitled to nothing?

Feds vow to be ‘very flexible’ over passports

Under fire from stressed travelers and steamed lawmakers, the Bush administration pledged Tuesday to be “very flexible” in eliminating the current passport glut and enforcing new passport rules next January.

What the heck is a condotel?

Sure, you’ve heard of condos, and sure, you’ve heard of hotels. But what the heck is a condotel? Is it a good way to live a vacation lifestyle and make some money on the side? Or is it a sure way to go broke quick? Amy Bradley-Hole went to Miami to find out.

United Airlines thinking of marriage

Could United Airlines and US Airways try to hook up — again? Their last merger attempt was in 2001, and the U.S. Justice Department nixed the combination for antitrust reasons. But that was before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001; before two trips through bankruptcy for US Airways and one trip for United, lasting three years; not to mention before billions of dollars in losses for a beleaguered airline industry.

Air travel: The wrong stuff

Two weeks ago, James Wysong wrote a column in praise of the things that are wonderful about air travel. He called it “Air travel: The right stuff.” Ever fair-minded, James invited readers to write in with some counterarguments. So here you have it: “Air travel: The wrong stuff.”

Homeland Security opposes passport-rule delay

The Homeland Security Department is vigorously fighting a move by Congress to delay a requirement that U.S. citizens show a passport to re-enter the country by land or sea from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda or the Caribbean, saying it puts the nation’s borders at risk.

Code Red: Norovirus aboard ship

It’s every cruise line’s nightmare — a norovirus outbreak aboard ship, and it happened on board Royal Caribbean’s new ship, Liberty of the Seas, just three weeks ago. So, what do cruise lines do to keep noroviruses from spreading? They go “Code Red.”