European prices: not so outrageous after all

To hear the travel press tell it, European prices are so sky-high that travelers should just unpack and stay home. Not so! Charlie Leocha has just returned from two weeks in Spain with a pocket full of receipts to prove it.

10 ways to keep cool while flying

It wasn’t that long ago that we were complaining about the brutally cold winter that caused endless delays and cancellations. Now we find ourselves in the grip of the hot stale air of summer. The airports are packed with vacationing tourists, and things are literally heating up. James Wysong reprises some tips for keeping cool at the airport.

Brazil air chaos ripples overseas

Brazil’s aviation crisis rippled overseas, stranding passengers at several U.S. airports and giving foreigners a taste of the chaos and anxiety Brazilian travelers have felt for months.

No passport, no travel

Stephanie and Kevin Hemphill were psyched about their upcoming family cruise to the Caribbean. It was a well-planned trip, and the Hemphills were aware of new passport rules, so they applied for their passports 11 weeks in advance. It wasn’t enough. Anita Dunham-Potter tells the story.

An old-fashioned family road trip: 12 tips

At this exact moment, thousands of parents are thinking about hitting the highway for a family road trip this summer. Destination? Anywhere but here. It’s an exciting prospect for kids, but it’s also fraught with difficulties, including sudden back-seat fights and frequent retreats to the iPod Zone. Mark Sedenquist offers 12 tips for some old-fashioned fun.

Fatal crash prompts calls for closing of airport

A TAM jet pulled out of an attempted landing today at Sao Paulo’s Congonhas airport, and federal prosecutors sought a court order to shut down the entire airport — Brazil’s busiest — until the investigation into this week’s crash that killed at least 189 people was completed.

Lost luggage, ignored claim

British Airways loses three bags belonging to Izlen Umut Egeli’s family. Under the Montreal Convention, the airline must compensate the travelers for their luggage, but Egeli is trapped in a maze of claim forms, phone representatives who can’t help, and fax machines that won’t. Is there a way out?