Train crash in Brazil leaves 8 dead

A speeding train carrying hundreds of commuters slammed into an empty train near Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, killing eight people and injuring more than 80, officials said.

Oops, wrong hotel

He thought he had reserved a room at the Days Inn in Franklin, Ind. Instead, he had booked a room at the Days Inn in Franklin, Ky. Now Days Inn won’t fix the mistake, insisting that his reservation is nonrefundable. Is Pradeep Sanghvi out of luck?

No secret watch lists!

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security placed a notice in the Federal Register outlining a plan to expand the department’s uses of the personal information it has collected about foreign travelers entering and departing the United States. In a separate notice, the department also outlined plans to exempt this information from the Freedom of Information Act, effectively making it top-secret. Charlie Leocha thinks it may be time to call your congressman.

Boat, museum and church passes

WindowsSmall.gifVisitors to Venice have a couple of basic questions to answer when arriving. Do I purchase an unlimited boat pass? Do I buy any of the museum passes offered by the various museum and church organizations? The answer is yes to all the questions, but I’ve learned that there are more considerations.

Labor Day air travel: how to survive

The end-of-summer travel season sits on the horizon, wiping the last sweaty drips of frustration from its brow. It’s the time of year that airline workers hope will pass quickly. Indeed, they look forward to Labor Day almost as much as beach-weary parents look forward to the first day of school. James Wysong reprises some tips for surviving the busy travel weekend.

Airport shoe scanner put on hold

Airline passengers hoping to someday go through security without ever having to take their shoes off will have to wait: The nation’s airport security chief says a new shoe-scanning machine needs improvement.

Beat the post-cruise blues

Have you just returned from a cruise to a stack of bills and a windowsill full of dead plants? Does the prospect of doing all that laundry make you want to go straight to bed? Our condolences, matey — you’ve got the Post-Cruise Blues. Anita Dunham-Potter has some advice.