Bush vows action on airline delays

President Bush ordered his top aviation regulators Thursday to reduce the record flight delays that plagued airports this summer.

Maysville, Kentucky: Americana on the Ohio River

On the south bank of the Ohio River in northern Kentucky is a town where time stands still. Riverboats dock beside the bridge. Cabaret plays in the restored opera house. Locals talk politics over ham and eggs at the diner. Maysville and its neighboring town Washington (a living museum) offer a wonderful and fast-disappearing peek into the world of early America.

Getting taken for a ride: airline fees

You paid a fee to purchase the ticket, you may have even chalked up the extra charge for an exit-row seat, and you’re prepared to spend $5 for a cocktail on board – but when plans change and you need to modify your flights accordingly, that’s when you really get hit.

A reservation, but no room

Expedia confirms a reservation for one night in a New York hotel. There’s just one problem: The booking doesn’t exist. That leaves one unhappy traveler homeless for the night — and Janice Japa, the person who made the reservation, is trying in vain to get her money back.

2007 set to be worst year for flight delays

Frequent and lengthy flight delays are increasing and worsening, putting 2007 on track to break records set in 2000, according to a Department of Transportation inspector general report.

Pack light with double-duty travel gear

We’ve all seen the headlines in magazines and catalogs: “Check out the hottest new travel gear!” And what do we find? Expensive clothing, complicated equipment and ridiculous gadgets “for your in-flight convenience.” What we really need is some lightweight, packable, multi-tasking gear that will pass through security and keep our bags under the weight limit. Tim Leffel’s got the goods.

How not to fly: 10 mistakes to avoid on an airplane

Air travel is full of mistakes waiting to happen. There are the errors we make at home before the trip, and the ones we make at the airport, and of course the ones we make once we get where we’re going. But some of the worst mistakes are the ones people make on the airplane. James Wysong sets folks straight.