Hey, kids! No birth certificate, no cruise

The Mueller family was looking forward to their Alaska cruise aboard the Norwegian Star. Sue Mueller made a great booking for her family through Hotwire — or so she thought. She checked to make sure the family had all the necessary documentation, but when they got to the pier, the Muellers got a big shock. Anita Dunham-Potter tells the story.

Landing Down Under

As summer wanes here in North America, springtime is stirring in Australia. Soon fireworks will erupt over the river parks of Brisbane, and the bromeliads will bloom in the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide. Charlie Leocha says this is the perfect time to start planning a visit to the continent Down Under.

Southwest keeps open seats with a twist

Southwest Airlines Co. is sticking with its unusual system of letting passengers find their own seats instead of going to one that’s been assigned to them.

A missing reservation on United

He buys his airline ticket on the United Airlines Web site, but his flights are actually on US Airways and Air Canada. Or are they? When Michael Watanabe checks his reservation, he finds that half of his itinerary is missing without a trace. And United is telling him not to worry about it. But he is worried. What should he do?

Terror cues in passengers’ faces

TSA officials say the behavior-detection officers may play a more important role in thwarting terrorist attacks than traditional screening techniques.

OK, Rover, find those bed bugs!

Bed bugs are causing trouble at hotels all over the world. Populations are rising, and more and more travelers are feeling the telltale pinch of the bed-bug bite. But now hotel managers have found a new way to stop bed bugs in their tracks. Amy Bradley-Hole unleashes the secret.

Northwest CEO worries fixing late flight could raise fares

Northwest Airlines (NWA) CEO Douglas Steenland on Monday said he favors an industry agreement to trim schedules at the USA’s most congested airports, but he warned that reducing flight delays that way would result in higher airfares.

Flights of fashion

Gone are the days of dressing up to take an airplane trip. These days, travelers turn up at the airport in shorts, sweat pants, pajamas and even curlers. But where does comfort end and public spectacle begin? James Wysong gives a few pointers for high-flying fashion.