NASA may reveal air safety research

NASA administrator Michael Griffin is hinting to lawmakers that he will reverse course and publicly disclose the results of an unprecedented federal aviation survey that found aircraft near collisions, runway interference and other safety problems occur far more often than previously recognized.

U.S. leisure travel expected up in ’08

Leisure trips and travel spending are expected to continue modest growth through 2008, but travel preferences are changing, according to the Travel Industry Association’s annual forecast.

Plane spooky

Gather round while I tell you stories of strange goings-on in the sky, tales of bizarre happenings and unexplained coincidences that will send shivers up your spine. If you are easily spooked by airplane disasters and conspiracy theories, this collection of stories may not be for you. Enter at your own risk. James Wysong reprises his Halloween column from last year.

British Muslim minister detained at U.S. airport

Britain’s first Muslim government minister said he was “deeply disappointed” Monday after his luggage was searched for explosives at a United States airport as he returned from official talks.

Is cruising right for you?

Never been on a cruise before? Then you probably have some questions. Like, “Will I get seasick, gain weight, or go crazy cooped up on the ship?” And, “What do I wear, who does the laundry, and how much should I tip?” Here are answers to seven newcomers’ queries from our cruise maven, Anita Dunham-Potter. Anita is cruising in the Mediterranean this week with only occasional Internet access, so we reprint this column from 2006.

Wildfires also hurt California tourism

Along with damage to property, infrastructure and crops, the wildfires in California have hurt tourism. Popular tourist destinations, such as SeaWorld in San Diego and the Wild Animal Park in nearby Escondido, were forced to shut down.

Airbus A380 completes maiden voyage

A Singapore Airlines A380 on Thursday completed a long-delayed historic journey — the first commercial flight by the world’s largest jetliner that boasts luxurious suites, double beds and the quietest interior of any plane.

A hotel dispute in Dubrovnik

The rate at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is 181 euros a night, which a phone agent confirms with Sheri Siegel. But when she tacks an extra night on to her reservation at the same rate, something goes wrong. Now her bill is more than $260 higher than she expected — and Hilton won’t help her. Can this hotel stay be saved?

Hotels cutting rates for fire evacuees

Hundreds of thousands of displaced San Diego County residents are navigating around road closures to find refuge in shelters and hotel rooms a safe distance from the wildfires encroaching on their neighborhoods.