At least 5 seriously hurt as trains collide

At least five Amtrak crew members were critically or seriously injured Friday when their train collided with a freight train traveling on the same track, Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said.

TSA plan to gather more data protested

A government proposal to start collecting birth dates and genders of people reserving airline flights is drawing protests from major airlines and travel agencies that say it would be invasive, confusing and “useless.”

Forced to upgrade my rental car

The rental car that Earnest Hoenck reserves from Hertz isn’t available when he arrives in Hamburg, Germany. He’s offered two choices: a smaller car that won’t accommodate his luggage, or a bigger car for an extra 10 euros a day. He picks the bigger car, but when he returns the rental, he finds that his bill is even bigger than he expected. What can he do?

United CEO: Support building for mergers

The head of United Airlines said Tuesday he no longer feels like a voice in the wilderness in arguing that airlines must consider consolidation to withstand competitive challenges, including rising fuel costs.

Iceland: Best place to live?

horse.gifIceland was just selected by the United Nations as the best place in the world to live. When all the factors in their statistical data, such as life expectancy, standard of living, average income, school enrolments, are taken into consideration, Iceland wins. It unseats Norway, which had been at the top of the U.N. list for six years. The United States sits at number 12 on the list behind France and Finland. However, do studies like this make a difference?

Help for the battered European travel budget

Tim LeffelIt’s all gloom and doom in the news for the dollar-carrying traveler planning a trip to Europe. Is there any way to pull off a European vacation without breaking the bank? Tim Leffel says yes, but it takes strategizing, a contrarian attitude and plenty of flexibility.

Some not laughing at New Mexico’s tourism ads

New Mexico bills itself as “The Land of Enchantment.” But for weeks now, a contentious debate has raged among tourism officials here over a new state-financed advertising campaign aimed at attracting vacationers.

Airline mergers: Here we go again

Airline merger talk is back in the headlines for another round of “Let’s Confuse the Public.” This time the candidates are Delta and United. What does the proposed merger mean for passengers and employees? James Wysong tells you what you need to know.

When complimentary doesn’t mean free

Grace Watson just wanted to get away with her husband a few times a year to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation, so she joined a discount travel club. But when her “complimentary cruise” turned out to be far from free, Watson took a closer look at her “club.” Here’s what she found.