Sinking ship ‘struck iceberg’

More than 150 passengers and crew aboard a sinking ship in the Antarctic, which is believed to have collided with an iceberg, have been rescued to safety, officials said.

A night in a Boston jail

Libertyhistory.gifI just spent an evening in jail — captivated in the 19th century Charles Street Jail in Boston that has been turned into the luxury Liberty Hotel. From a hotel standpoint the establishment is excellent, with expansive views that are the best available over the city and down the Charles River, however, I can’t shake the uneasiness of the old jail atmosphere.

4 places to ski big in Europe

Charlie LeochaEven with the skyrocketing exchange rates, you can get a weeklong winter vacation in Europe without breaking the bank — and get far more skiing and snowboarding trails than anywhere in North America. Charlie Leocha tells you where to get the most European snow for your money.

Holiday weather delays begin spreading

Poor weather at a handful of airports in the northeast Wednesday afternoon forced flight delays that were beginning to affect other parts of the country as the first wave of an estimated 39 million Americans embarked on what could be the largest Thanksgiving pilgrimage ever.

Uncomfortable at the Comfort Inn

Frank Gilbuena and his wife check in to a Comfort Inn, but find that they’re less than comfortable with their accommodations. The upholstery is stained, the room isn’t vacuumed and the bathroom is a mess. He gives the hotel staff a day to clean things up, but they don’t. Now he wants his money back, and the hotel is ignoring his letters. What else can he do?

Holiday travelers hit the roads, skies and rails

Millions of Americans began hitting the roads, skies and train tracks early Wednesday in what was predicted to be the largest Thanksgiving pilgrimage ever — despite rising gas prices and fears of air delays.

Location, location, location

Amy Bradley-HoleSometimes it’s not what’s inside, but what’s outside the hotel that matters. Amy Bradley-Hole takes a look at scenic hotels around the world, and gives tips on scoring the best rooms with a view.

Flights delayed as busy travel week starts

Thick coastal fog shut down one of two runways for arriving planes at Los Angeles International Airport, causing minor delays for passengers at the start of the busy Thanksgiving travel week.

The holiday spirit

The holiday travel season is now upon us, although if you were to judge by the shopping mall, it started right after Labor Day. This holiday season, many of you have busy flight schedules with business meetings and reunions with loved ones crowding the calendar. Are you dreading those crowded skies? Feeling grumpy already? James Wysong has a proposal to make your holiday spirit take wing.