TSA starts airport security blog

Frustrated by long airport-security lines? Certain those screeners aren’t paying attention? Wondering why your grandma always gets frisked? The federal government wants to hear — or at least read — your gripes at the “Evolution of Security” blog the Transportation Security Administration introduced Wednesday. And it promises those complaints and suggestions won’t vanish into thin air.

A mystery charge on a rental car in Madrid

What is “Super CDW” — and why is it on Richard Murai’s credit card bill after he rents a car from Alamo in Madrid? The car rental company’s Web site is less than clear about the fee, and Murai’s credit card company refuses to get involved. Is he stuck with the bill?

Fuzzy math on carbon footprints

Admit it. At one time or another, you’ve been guilty of taking an unnecessary trip that wasted energy, generated pollution, and helped contribute to global warming. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that until recently very few among us considered the fate of the planet when making our travel plans–price and convenience, sure, but not fuel burn.

Zip-lining over St. Lucia

Forget bowling, rock climbing and ice skating. The coolest thing to do on a cruise vacation these days is to go zip-lining through the jungle. Strap yourself into a harness 80 feet above the jungle floor, then zip along the treetops with the parrots. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Crunch time for the airlines

The numbers should be out next week. Come Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday), we’ll finally have the statistical proof from the DOT to back up the general consensus that 2007 was an abysmal year in air travel.

Remedies for what ails you in the air

Is your airplane flight giving you a headache? Has that sandwich you wolfed down before boarding given you a bad case of collywobbles? Don’t ask the flight attendants for help. They won’t dispense any medications – even over-the-counter ones. James Wysong offers homegrown cures for 16 in-flight ailments. Is he a doctor? No, but he’s been a flight attendant for 20 years, and he’s got answers for everything from sneezing fits to stinky feet.

Flight delays carry economic impact

While declining on-time performance rates have drawn the most public attention, an analysis of government data reveals another staggering toll of late flights: lost time and money.

Norwegian Gem has all the Freestyle facets

It’s hot, it’s hip, and it’s Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship: Norwegian Gem. NCL’s new investor has put $1 billion into the company, so the cruise line with the tagline “You’re free to … whatever” is now free to spend “whatever” on making its cruises even better. Meet the poster ship for what’s to come fleetwide.