Zoom unveils new London routes

San Diego travelers will have a new reason to jump for joy on June 20, when Canadian Carrier Zoom Airlines will begin new low-cost flights between San Diego and London, reports SmarterTravel.

FedEx planes get too close

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what it is calling a serious air traffic control error at the Memphis airport last week. Two planes with similar flight numbers, 527 and 257, flew dangerously close to one another after take-off from separate runways.

Beijing opens Olympic-sized terminal

Beijing opened its newest airport terminal Friday, a gargantuan glass-and-steel creation built to accommodate a surge in visitors for the Summer Olympics. The 14-million-square-foot complex will handle tourists for this year’s summer Olympic Games.

The Plaza is back

After two years, and $400 million in renovations, The Plaza is back.. sort of. There are 282 hotel accommodations (102 are suites) vs. the old 805 as many rooms are now purely residential or condo/hotel units. Including taxes, a night’s stay will run you about $900.

Dealing with death at 30,000 feet

Statistically, you’re more likely to die in a plane crash than have a medical emergency that leads to death on an airplane. Still, airlines have to be prepared for such a rare occurrence.

What to do when hurt, or ill, abroad

Getting seriously hurt or ill while out of the country can cause problems that may be just as serious as your health, such as inadequate care or lack of coverage by insurance companies.

“Our industry is in a mess, if you haven’t noticed”

The doom-and-gloom talk among airlines is intensifying. Earlier this week, Aviation Week declared the industry had begun to see the effects of cooling consumer demand. And yesterday, US Airways’ chief executive, Doug Parker, sounded the alarm, warning that the U.S. airline industry is heading into a downturn as it grapples with record high oil prices and a weakening economy.

Teens tisk-tisked by WMT

Harriet Baskas,’s Well Mannered Traveler takes on the two teen girls given the boot by Southwest for their rude behavior.