DAL/NWA new employee perk may backfire

The new “perk” for standby travel across the Northwest and Delta flights for both groups of employees, may backfire because planes are at such high capacity.

Delta, NWA court employees

In a move to get the nod of regulators and shareholders, Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines are extending travel privileges to employees.

Gun restrictions under review

Gun advocates have lobbied Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne to review the ban against bringing loaded weapons into national parks and wildlife areas.

TSA tackles lines in Atlanta

The Transportation Security Administration’s own Kip Hawley will visit Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to help security teams there shorten security lines.

How not to complain, with 4 tips for success

Google “airlines” and “complaints” and you’ll hit the jackpot – but who needs a secondhand story? Almost every traveler has been furious with an airline at some time or other, perhaps in the very last week. But how many of them have figured out how to lodge a successful complaint? Customer relations specialist David Burns has some advice.

Free speech, DOA at DFW

A billboard that read “AA’s top priority? Not you!” and noted more than 250,000 flights were canceled by the airline last year, was yanked by the billboard operator.