Astoundingly, some airlines make money

In case anyone has forgotten, Southwest Airlines made a profit once again -- they have never lost money -- so did Lufthansa and subsidiary Swiss International Air Lines.
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Delta CEO, $11.3 million pay … in four months!!?

The CEO of Delta received total compensation valued at nearly $11.3 million for the four months he ran the nation's third-largest carrier in 2007!!!
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BA adds fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge merry-go-round continues. Next up, British Airways which announced today that fares on long-haul flights, those to destinations outside of Europe, will increase by $40 to $60 per round trip.
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Hotels testing new features

Where can you find a waterproof mattress and wireless electricity? In the X-room, a test guest room at the Courtyard by Marriott in Newark, Del.
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All-business-class still alive

Even though Eos Airlines and MaxJet Airways have gone under, the all-business-class model still has legs as Silverjet, l'Avion and Lufthansa are out to prove.
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San Diego beaches reopen

Beaches in San Diego have reopened after authorities suspended shark warnings following a fatal attack 150 yards offshore.
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United talks with US Airways

United Airlines, apparently desperate for a merger partner, is now talking with US Airways.
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Delta raises fares

Delta Air Lines announced Monday that it would increase domestic fares between $10 and $40 per round trip.
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McDonald’s curious math

Why does a sausage and egg McMuffin and a small coffee cost 20¢ more than the "combo" version with the same sandwich, larger coffee and fried potatoes?
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Stop the plane, I’m having a baby

James WysongWhile having a baby in flight is not exactly an everyday occurrence, it happens more often than you might think. How does the crew handle it? And what are the citizenship ramifications? James Wysong explores the laborious issues of "Baby on Board."
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