Hey, where’s my hotel room?

Dave Bucher books a hotel room through Cheaptickets. But when he checks in, he's told there's no reservation. So he's forced to find another room, and now Cheaptickets is keeping his money. Can it do that?

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More thrills per dollar at regional amusement parks

Take a family of four to one of the big corporate theme parks for a weekend and you could easily be looking at a tab of $700 before you even factor in gas and lodging. Tim Leffel says you don't have to spend the equivalent of two car payments just to ride some roller coasters and hit the Tilt-a-Whirl.
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American shocks industry with international cuts, ‘B word’ whispers

American Airlines has announced the first capacity cuts to its system and surprised the industry with reductions to its international route structure, Chicago to Buenos Aires. The news shocked American Airlines employees working international routes who thought they were insulated from possible layoffs.

A brief history of celebrities and their infamous hotel bills

Madonna was so unimpressed by the service at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel -- specifically, the lack of security -- that she refused to pay the $90,000 rate for her suite. It's just the latest chapter in the serialized drama, Celebrities and their Infamous Hotel Bills.

Another busted airline merger

It seems that United Airlines and US Airways have called off their engagement. The litany of reasons is familiar, labor opposition, yada, yada, yada. I think the old saying, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear," comes into play.

Now you’ll know if you’re getting the worst room in the house

Want to know what a hotel room is like before you even get there? A new site called Tripkick might help.

Will high-speed trains solve our plane problems?

Looks as if the politicians and pundits are trying to harness our collective anger against the U.S. airline industry to make a pitch for their pet projects. High-speed train, anyone?