Hard choices as Hurricane Gustav heads for New Orleans

Almost three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, we're bracing for what might be the sequel: Hurricane Gustav. I hope it won't be. But I'm not sticking around to find out.
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Rubber duck floats 17,000 miles!

The new Ripley's Believe It or Not! Prepare to Be Shocked! is filled with more than 2,500 weird, wacky, bizarre and quirky facts, feats and events from around the world. I asked the editors if they had a list of shocking and curious feats that pertain to travel — here are some of the wackiest.
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Oh say can you see? And drink and drive?

Strange as it seems, in France, driving blind drunk — I mean driving blind (as in can't see) and drunk — with a drunk friend is a punishable offense. These clowns got a good slap on the wrist.
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One lousy volcano can ruin your whole flight

Charlie LeochaNothing can blow your travel plans like a volcano. Case in point: the Kasatochi Volcano, which recently erupted in Alaska's Aleutian Islands and blasted ash to altitudes of 50,000 feet, forcing Alaska Airlines to cancel 44 flights.
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Broken promises: Delta starts de-hubbing in Cincinnati

Is Delta Air Lines de-hubbing Cincinnati ahead of its merger with Northwest Airlines? It sure looks that way. Although the airline claims it isn't, it appears the cutting has already begun.
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Going to Toronto? Rent a car for $1 a day – sort of

If you plan on going to Toronto anytime after Sept. 1, you can rent a Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper Clubman, or Smart Car for $1 a day.

Airline form letter lying to Dominican victims

I read with interest my colleague Chris Elliott's blog posting this morning about US Airways' response to its customers stranded in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, after their flight was canceled due to a tropical storm and they were "escorted" from the terminal by armed guards.
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Travel industry targets Democratic National Convention

While the world is focused on the drama of Barack Obama's nomination as the Democratic candidate for president, there is furious lobbying and political business going on everyday away from the lenses of TV cameras and out of earshot of pundits discussing unity and polling data. Travel is a big part of this lobbying effort.
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US Airways to Dominican flight victims: “This is not a compensation issue”

By all accounts, US Airways flight 1860 from Punta Cana to Philadelphia did not go well on Aug. 15. A tropical storm forced the airline to cancel the flight. Then, armed guards ordered 274 stranded passengers out of the airport. They were abandoned. Could the airline make things any worse? Yes.