Financial crisis: AIG sells stake in London City airport

In an earlier post, we noted some of the effects of the AIG demise on the world of travel. Now, a new page has been turned in AIG's reach into the travel world — the sale of their surprising 50 percent stake in London City Airport.
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Maine — Foliage without hype or crowds

Vermont gets all the press — but it also gets gazillions of leaf peepers. If you want to enjoy the colors with fewer crowds, and perhaps get the bonus of those brilliant colors reflected in shimmering ocean waters, scoot up to Maine. But first, check the foliage report, then plan accordingly.
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Don’t wave goodbye to your own cruise

When my husband and I first cruised, over 20 years ago, we booked the cheapest flight we could find on the day of sailing and took a local taxi from the airport to the pier in Acapulco. The ship wasn't using the main pier plus, the taxi driver got lost. Eventually, we were tendered, along with another couple, out to the ship about an hour and a half before it sailed.
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Conservatives want to substitute railway instead of third runway at Heathrow

Last week we told you how the London Mayor wants to close Heathrow and build a new airport. Now it seems that the Conservative party wants to scrap the proposed third runway and create a TGV-style rail line between London and northern England.
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Pick up the phone, pay twice the price

Joseph Dunlap runs into a snag when he tries to buy an airline ticket online for his mother. So he calls the online agency, Expedia, and is sold a ticket that costs twice the online rate. Do rates really vary by that much? Well, yes -- and no.
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NASA will release uncensored flight safety data tomorrow

Remember that controversial pilot survey conducted by NASA last year? Then you'll probably also recall the uproar when, under pressure, the agency released the information earlier this year -- albeit in what it calls a "redacted" form.
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Choose apartments, private rooms and hostels to save on travels in Europe

Arthur Frommer and his daughter Pauline spoke at the National Book Festival in Washington DC this past weekend. They each gave a presentation about travel from their perspectives. Both focused on exploring alternative lodging — hostels, private homes and apartments — when traveling as a way to save money.
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5 reasons to travel during the 2008 holidays

Here’s a holiday travel forecast you probably won’t read anywhere else: look for lower prices on everything from air fares to hotel room rates, smaller crowds and a more pleasant overall experience. Am I nuts? Well, no.
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Delta to offer first class service on shuttle flights

In a move to match US Airways Shuttle's offering, Delta will offer first class service on its shuttle flights between New York and Washington and New York and Boston beginning December 1. The MD88s will now have 14 First class seats and 128 economy seats.
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Royal Caribbean pushes the surcharge envelope with “steak fee”

Cruise passenger have gotten used to paying surcharges for for special restaurants. But for the main dining room? No cruise line has gone there -- until now.
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