Lufthansa goes shopping — Alitalia, Austrian and now BMI

Right on the heels of the Delta-Northwest merger comes word that Lufthansa has acquired an 80 percent stake in British Midland Airways (BMI) for €400 million ($318 million). The German carrier purchased a 30 percent stake in BMI in 1999 and acquired the other 50 percent today from BMI Chairman Sir Michael Bishop.

A ski vacation that was all downhill

Colleen Bosler prepays for a hotel at a ski resort during Christmas. But she misses her plane, forcing her to reschedule. The resort offers her credit, but she has to cancel her make-up vacation, too. The hotel is giving her until May to use the credit, or it will expire. Is that fair?

Do we need a Maglev train from to DC to Baltimore?

Charlie LeochaThe Federal Railroad Administration is set to spend $45 million to study three magnetic levitation train projects in Baltimore and Washington, Pittsburgh, and between Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tenn. With Amtrak in a constant budget squeeze, do we really need this?

Open Skies airline lays on the luxury, affordably

British Airways has just introduced Open Skies that originates from JFK airport in the US and doesn’t treat its passengers as cargo. Currently, the price of a prems+ ticket (business class) costs the same as coach on most competing airlines. Karen Fawcett reports on her luxurious transatlantic flight.

Las Vegas’ other strip enhances its properties

It’s easy to forget that there are other casinos outside of downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. The property owners along the 17-mile stretch of Boulder Highway, the Boulder Strip, want you to remember them. They’ve been making improvements to their properties to attract the locals as well as out-of-towners.