Airline credit-card connection to the financial bailout

Though airlines have been through their own financial crisis with bankruptcies rampant throughout the industry, the financial bailout is as important to them as any of their bankruptcy dealings. Without the financial industry, the airlines lose one of the most important sources of business travelers and they may lose their lucrative credit card contracts and access to millions of dollars of emergency cash.

Bangkok-bound? Uncertainty abounds

Karen Fawcett’s trip to Asia through Bangkok next week is facing some unexpected challenges. Here are her machinations through travel agents, hotel reservations and visa expeditors. Changing plans when traveling through Asia isn’t the easiest process.

US State Department issues Thailand travel alert

By now, you’ve probably heard about the anti-government protests in Thailand which have closed Bangkok’s airports. Yesterday the US State Department issued a Travel Alert for US citizens traveling or residing in Thailand, asking every citizen there to register with the State Department, or contact the US Embassy in Bangkok directly.

Accidentally charged an extra day for my car?

When Larry Chan returns his Hertz rental car late, he doesn’t expect the $66 charge that he finds two weeks later on his credit card bill. But there it is: an extra day’s rental charge. What now? Should he appeal the decision? And what about the reason he was late in the first place — is that relevant at all?

Enforcing consumer protections is not regulation

Over the past few weeks, travel commentators have been beating the “airline regulation” drum. However, let’s be careful throwing the regulation word around. Most travelers are actually looking for basic consumer protections, not re-regulation.

Baggage scales at New York airports may be wrong

American Airlines may be using faulty baggage scales out of New York’s Kennedy and LaGuardia airports. According to a report by the New York Post, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) recently cited American Airlines for using 10 inaccurate scales at its check-in counters at JFK.