An international Happy New Year

Charlie LeochaTravel is one of the ultimate paths towards world understanding and peace between peoples. Here is a listing of all the Happy New Year greetings I could find in different languages and dialects. May we all look forward to a wonderful new year of travel and discovery.
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International Travel to US is up in 2008 versus travel in 2007

Guess this is a glass half-full versus the glass half-empty point of view. International travel in 2008 (until September) to the US was running ahead of the 2007 rates. But since these figures, the international economic collapse has blossomed. Worse, our incoming travel figures are still running behind 2001 pre-9/11.
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Interpersonal travel resolutions for a less-stressful new year

Jason Barger applies his interpersonal travel approach to his list of New Year's resolutions. These resolutions aim to reduce stress and maintain an openess other travelers and experiences.
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Resolutions of a travel junkie

What are your 2009 travel resolutions? Ask your friends and business colleagues and you’ll hear different answers. Karen Fawcett lists resolutions of friends, makes some of her own and wants to hear yours.
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Northwest requests delay in Seattle-Beijing service

Yesterday we reported that Delta has delayed its Detroit-Shanghai service until June 2009. Now Northwest is seeking permission from the Department of Transportation to delay its Seattle-Beijing service.

A stalled rental, a refund denied

Linda Kirby prepays for a rental car through Priceline, but when she tries to pick up the car, she's denied. The reason? She doesn't have a credit card. Now Priceline is balking at a refund. Is there any hope for her?

Killed, robbed and stranded: December’s been a bad-news kinda month for cruise lines

Beyond the much-publicized case of Jennifer Ellis-Seitz, who jumped off the Norwegian Pearl last week in what now appears to be a suicide, it's been a bad-news kinda month for cruise lines.
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Dear Mr. President Elect, here’s one traveler’s New Year’s wishes

Ned has a new year's wish list for President Elect Obama's Economic Recovery Plan and legislative suggestions to improve air travel and cruise ship safety.
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On your next layover, try a Yotel

For frequent travelers, one of the toughest decisions is what do you do with a stopover that really isn't long enough to become a layover. If it's still too long to sit in an uncomfortable airport chair, or even in a lounge where you could doze off and miss your flight, what's the alternative?
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Delta may cancel Northwest’s Dreamliner order

This coming spring, a sleek new Boeing aircraft, dubbed the Dreamliner was supposed to take off from Detroit Metro-Wayne Airport, taking passengers to Shanghai in style. Now that plan has been put aside.
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