Who is that person next to me?

An airplane seat is one of the most unique spaces in the world — a collection of strangers fit into their stationary positions, so close to one another that they literally are sharing the same oxygen, occupying that same space for hours on end. The travelers with whom we share an armrest all have their own stories.

The frill is gone flying BMI

Janice Hough just had a totally “no frill” airline experience. I am not exactly a fan of US Airlines, their customer service and their surcharges, but I just discovered an airline that charges even more fees and gives less service. It is not an unknown third-world low-cost- carrier, it’s a STAR-alliance carrier.

Foods named for travel destinations

Charlie LeochaOn a Christmas holiday I began to dream of foods from around the world and ended up with quite a list of foods named after places. Take a look and enjoy the list and add a few more names to the list.

Thai government’s push to rebuild wounded tourism

Thailand will spend $450 million during the next four years to reestablish the country as a destination of choice. Already, it’s adopted an aggressive advertising campaign with the hopes of luring visitors back to Bangkok and its many resorts.