US Airways — better customer service, stupider rules

Sometimes, even when everything goes wrong, everything goes right. Peter Zolman's flight was delayed, connections fouled up and eventually problems solved. Then, flying home, he encounters foolish rules.
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Charged for a movie I never watched

There's a $24 charge for two movies on Keeley Hozjan's hotel bill. Movies that were never ordered or watched. Although the hotel promises an investigation, the charge shows up on Hozjan's credit card only a day after checkout. What gives?

Southwest: today’s frill airline

As a travel agent for over 25 years, Janice has not always been a Southwest fan. They can't be ticketed like other airlines, their reservations usually require a phone call and they don't interline. But today, Southwest is the frills airline.
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Liftopia offers super deals for Super Bowl Sunday

Back in November we told you about Liftopia, one of the best sites to find bargains anytime you want to go skiing. The site is now offering great deals for Super Bowl Sunday.

These guys have the coolest job in the airline industry

With most of the Midwest and the entire Northeast of the United States experiencing winter weather alerts today, it only seems fitting to pay our respects to one of the daily unsung heroes of the air travel experience: the de-icers.
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Hey travelers, here’s a little good news for an icy January morning

Tired of all the doom and gloom? Me too. There's nothing like waking up to an inch of ice on your windshield and more dire economic news in your "in" box. Here are a few things to be happy about this morning.

Travel infrastructure being shortchanged by today’s stimulus plan

Today, Congress is voting on the Obama stimulus plan. What started out as the infrastructure improvement of the century has fizzled into a cobbled-together list of piddling projects that only makes up five percent of the bill.
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Excuse me while I rant about these hotel shortcomings

I'm just back from a five-day road trip, and my inner curmudgeon is on a rant. Whether I'm staying at a cheap no-frills motel, a fancy-schmancy inn, or a five-star resort, what I seek in a room -- beyond cleanliness and a good mattress -- is simple.
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Why have U.S. airlines surrendered their leadership?

Charlie LeochaOnce upon a time, US airlines were the envy of the industry. American carriers served more passengers than any international airline. They flew the latest planes with the finest amenities. What happened?
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Airports testing radar that can spot birds

Several of the nation's busiest airports will soon begin testing radar systems that can track flocks of birds and assist pilots in avoiding the type of collision that brought down US Airways Flight 1549.